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Mythicos Studios is an expression of our love for all kinds of wonderful games, from table-top battles, to board games and deck building games. Mythicos Studios is unique in the hobby industry; we are a Members focused organization, check out our “become a member” button to get full details. 

As a life-long hobbyist, I have gotten a massive amount of joy from delving into the various worlds our games cover. Our ultimate goal at Mythicos Studios is to help new people get into the hobby, and for those who already enjoy gaming, grow their gaming and artistic abilities as well as enjoyment, and finally to help build the entire community. As we see it, the bigger, and more active the community is, the better for all. 

Mythicos Studios. Join a whole New Way to Play, Buy and Connect.

Nelson (AKA Lord Mortis)

Founder and Co-CEO


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